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AmeriAdvance is a big player in the payday loans industry. Those who are looking for guaranteed payday loans can benefit from this company. This is especially true if you are one of those people who are very cautious of the confidentiality of the information that they give online. While AmeriAdvance has a lot of good points such as their many outlets to reach customer service and the good rates that they offer, one thing that really stands out is their value for site security. In fact, they have been awarded by TRUSTe with their security seal. They also have seals from McAfee and GeoTrust so you have all the protection that you want and need. In this day and age when personal information piracy is rampant, it never hurts to do business with a company that has a very secure website policy that you can truly trust and rely on.
100 Day Loans
100 Day Loans is one of the top payday lenders out there. If you are looking for cheap payday loans to address an urgent financial need, this is definitely a company to consider. You are assured of good customer service, confidentiality and super site security, and good rates that you can easily afford. There are plenty of information on their web site that you might find helpful especially those on their FAQ page. If you place high value on site security and cheap, affordable rates, this company is for you. The money that you urgently need can be transferred to your bank account within the same day that you have received confirmation of your loan approval. The application is fast and easy as it can be done entirely online. There is no more need for you to stand in long lines. Read on to find out more about this player in the payday lending business.
If you really need cash right away and you cannot wait for a traditional loan to be approved, then you have no choice but to get same day payday loans. And when this is the only option that you have, Cashnetusa might just be what you need. They are very easy to get in touch with as there are many options that you can try. They have rates that are at par with other payday advance lenders out there. Aside from these, they have very reasonable terms of payment. Truly this is something that you would want to try especially if this is your first time to take out a payday loan as you would want your first time to be with a lender that you can trust and rely on. So go ahead and log on to their website so that you can begin your fast and easy application process.
Cash Central
Cash Central is among the many cash lenders that you can find online. If bad credit payday loans are what you need, this is a lender that you can consider trying out. Their battle cry is that they make payday loans simple and easy. This is something you should really look for especially if you have not had any experience with payday loans prior to taking this one. Another plus side to Cash Central is that they give you a 15% discount on your 6th loan and 10% off on every loan after this. That can translate to really big savings for you especially if you foresee yourself taking payday loans regularly. They also have a very informative website that can answer just about any question that you may have about them. Log on to their website to start your very own account right now and to see what rates they can offer you.

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4 Reasons Why No Fax Payday Loans are Popular

Making ends meet from payday to payday can sometimes be quite a challenge.  Many times, the income can be just enough for basic needs and not much savings for emergencies.  If the car breaks down or you suddenly need to go to the hospital, these costs are unplanned and unfortunately, you just cannot ignore them. Using money for these expenses may leave you short for other needs like groceries or paying the rent.

These are situations where you will need to come up with some cash and one of the best ways to do that is to take out a no fax payday loan. No fax payday loans are small, ($50 to $1,500) and are only meant to give you emergency funds until the next payday.

There are those that may frown on using these types of loans, mainly because of the high interest rates, but this is the fastest and easiest way to get out of tight financial situations if used properly. No fax payday loans have gotten to be very popular during times of economic uncertainty.  Here are some of the reasons why.

Fast Processing

Many financial companies that offer no fax payday loans will have the loan amount deposited into your bank account within 24 hours. This is a lot faster than any other type of loan and is ideal for situations where you might need the money urgently.

The application process should take you less than an hour as long as you meet the necessary requirements of the lending institution.

The typical minimum requirements are as follows: you need to be at least 18 years old, a US citizen, employed with a monthly salary not less than $1,000, and a checking account.

A checking account is the most important requirement because this is where they will deposit your loan amount.  The lending company will also withdraw the payment of the loan from your checking account on the date that payment for the loan is due.

The whole process is electronic without you having to fax any documents to the lending institution.

No Credit Checks

Companies do not perform credit checks for no fax payday loans so it does not matter if you are in a good or bad credit standing.  The performance of the loan will however affect your credit ratings. Paying off the loan in a timely manner can even get you good credit ratings.

No Collateral

Collateral is not required for no fax payday loans because you will need to issue a post dated check in favor of the lending company to be drawn from your checking account on the due date. If for some reason you cannot come up with the money to pay off the loan then be sure that you inform the lending company on or before the check is due. Lending companies can sue you for fraud if you let the check bounce, which will add up to more complications, not to mention additional penalties.

Loan Availability

Many no fax payday loan providers are now fully automatic and can operate around the clock, 7 days a week.  Taking out a loan is as simple as logging on to the internet, browse to their website, and apply for the loan.

If you meet all of their requirements, the money is deposited directly to your bank account where you can withdraw it at your convenience. You no longer need to visit the lending company or even wait for a phone call to verify your information. The process is fast and very simple so you can get the money you need in case of emergencies.

No fax payday loans are excellent ways to get funds in a hurry.  Just remember that you should only use these loans when you need to. The interest rates on these loans are very high and so are other fees that may be included.  If for some reason you need to rollover the loan, then the rates go even higher.  You can also avoid having to pay late penalty fees if you pay off your loan on time.

Some states have gone to the extent of placing caps on the interest rates of such loans.  This is to prevent citizens from stepping from one financial crisis directly into another.  The caps also take into consideration the risk factor of the lending companies.  The risk factor is quite high and this is the reason why the interest rates of no fax payday loans are also higher than most loans available.

Many companies in the US offer no fax payday loans.  Unfortunately, some of these companies are not legit. It is best to find out if a company is legitimate before going into an agreement with them. Going with a licensed company ensures that you will pay a reasonable interest rate.   The regulations on no fax payday loans differ from state to state.  Find out what your state’s regulation is so that you have an idea of whether or not the product you are being offered is legal.

If you really need to the money urgently, then go ahead and apply for a no fax payday loan.  Just be sure that you apply for an amount that you can return on the due date.  There is no sense in taking out a loan and ending up paying more in interest rates than the amount that you used.  Only take what you absolutely need and pay the money back when the loan is due to avoid any complications.